Bodily Injury

biIf you have been injured in an accident hire the law firm that local judges and many courthouse staff have relied upon in the past for any legal issues that may impact their personal or professional lives. Mr. Dawson’ s courtroom presence and attention to detail is a character trait and work ethic; it is how Mr. Dawson’s firm goal is carried out; to obtain the best result possible for each and every client.

We of course represent Plaintiff’s throughout the state in accident cases ranging from automobile accidents, slip and fall, improper security, etc., to the more complicated areas of products liability and professional malpractice. Most if not all of these cases will involve an insurance company at some level; and believe it or not they actually have an ethical duty to act in their insured’s best interest, it is written into the Florida Administrative Code governing the behavior of insurance company adjustors.

Suing an insurance company for its failure to follow the rules can occur in many different ways. The insurance company can wrongfully deny a part or all of a claim. It may unfairly deny a claim. It may improperly undervalue a claim. This conduct may be considered bad faith and in some scenarios the offending company can be sued directly for its “bad-faith” behavior.